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Pest Control Services

Pest Control Services

Established to manage and exterminate a wide range of farm and domestic pests such as:

  • Flying and crawling pests (roaches- termites- flies- mosquitoes, bees- bugs- snakes…etc.
  • Chewing pests as(mice-rodents)
  • Store and warehouses pests (weevils- beetles- rats- birds…etc.)
  • Farm pests (weeds- fungal and viral diseases) to mention a few.





We provide quality services of designing and modifying the visible features of an area and turn it into maintained place of growing and relaxing environment. Besides designing, we grow and supply ornamental plants. The modern method and techniques we apply, place us among the leading professional landscapers.



Cleaning services

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Our services sectors extend to provision of general cleaning services for the different types of buildings including hospitals, schools, offices & residential accommodation. Further to general cleaning services we offer a comprehensive cleaning for all types of floors as marble,


Cleaning services
can provide professional cleaning services to make shine your new home or your company

Sudanese Encyclopedia of Agricultural Sciences (SENAS)

Extra support activities:

Further to the above activities Agro Nectar group sponsors  

The Sudanese Encyclopedia of Agriculture & Food (SENAS) is non-governmental organization which was established in September 2011 and registered with Sudan Agricultural Council and was awarded certificate number One as the first organization of its kind.More

cloudWhy Agro-Nectar Group ?

In a market characterized by great change, high competitiveness costs and great technological concentration, Agro-Nectar Group has succeeded in becoming one of the foremost agriculture companies in Sudan. Our Commitment to quality Providing our clients with top quality products & services has been our tradition since our establishment. Because of the importance Agro-Nectar Group attaches to being a trustworthy company, we carry out more quality tests & verifications than officially required & than our competitors.